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Scholarship Information


Egon Kuhn Memorial Scholarship


This year's winner is Maya Steen who will be persuing further education in the field of Architecture and Building Techology at VIU. 

  1. Scholarship:


The scholarship is offered to a student in District 69 who is proceeding to or enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution in subjects related to trades & technology or a construction trade apprenticeship program.


  1. Criteria for Selection:


1.                  The recipient must have a satisfactory record of achievement and must show promise and interest in the area of trades and/or technology.

2.                  The recipient must be proceeding to a form of advanced training or is presently enrolled at a regional college, a school of trades and technology or in a construction apprenticeship program on Vancouver Island.

3.                  Supply 2 letters of reference, one personal reference and one from a school teacher or post secondary teacher or employer if already in an apprenticeship program.


  1. How to Access:


The recipient of this scholarship must submit a receipt from the registrar of an accredited post-secondary institution or Apprenticeship Program, indicating enrolment, within 1 year of selection to the Oceanside Development & Construction Association.  A cheque will then be issued to the recipient of this scholarship.


  1. Applications:

 Deadline for letters of application is April 5th of graduation year. 

Mailing address:

Oceanside Development & Construction Association

P.O. Box 616

Parksville, BC  V9P 2G7. 


  1. Selection:

 Selection for this scholarship will be made solely by the Oceanside Development and Construction Association Scholarship Committee.

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